This is hilarious! SPAM. Everyday, I get it. On my blog it comes into a SPAM folder. I will say WordPress is good about that. And anyone new that has never made a comment here previously needs to be approved by me first. When last Christmas Day I posted a couple excellently tied wet flies, the Black Doctor and Silver Doctor by Michael, my friend from Russia, I had and was very thankful for, a Russian invasion. My first day with over 500 visits, over 300 of these came from Russian websites. Now I get Russian SPAM. Good thing the Cold War is over. I get SPAM in other languages that I can not recognize, even Chinese. I think.

But for the last week, I have been getting this same line, cleverly re-written, and inserted into different leading lines, and it’s coming from a score of different sites. There’s the usual stuff like on-line sex-dating, buy cialis, viagara, discount prom-dresses, etc. But I decided to post this one so you, my faithful readers can see what “cyberspace” is really thinking:

Remember this is my SPAM talking, even the phrasing, punctuation and incomplete sentences:

“I tend not to leave many comments, however after browsing a few of the remarks here Ace of Spades Streamer Don Bastian Wet Flies. I do have a few questions for you if you don’t mind. Is it only me or does it look as if like a few of these responses look as if they are left by brain dead individuals?”

End of SPAM, back to me: To borrow a line from Larry the Cable Guy, “That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.”

Perhaps a “brain-dead individual” wrote that line in the first place.

4 comments on “SPAM

  1. Kelly L says:

    Don, I know what you mean about SPAM. I hate it. I get at least 3 Canadian pharmacy spam emails a day. Frequently I get spam on Viagra. Why? I have no idea. I am a woman, so I don’t believe I will be needing that…lol. It comes in on my regular ISP email. I hate SPAM.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hey Kelly;
      I actually like Spam, but I’m talking the ham and pork shoulder variety that comes in a tin. :mrgreen:
      The Canadian Pharmacy ones, I get those from “people I know” whose e-mail account has been hacked. Or to click on this link and go to, whatever…or buy this, or download that…people are really cheap to sneak into someone’s life via the internet.
      This SPAM that I get is funny, some of the wording and sentence structure is so far off…it just makes me laugh. I just go through it and and hit “delete, delete, delete, delete.” And that’s what I do.
      Luckily, I don’t get much on my regular e-mail address. Thanks for your comment! Now go have yourself a Spam sandwich, with mustard, on rye. :mrgreen:

  2. Murray Buck says:

    hope I don’t get dropped into the Spam can, but like Larry says….That’s funny!

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Murray;
      Only on rare occasions have a few valid comments here started in my SPAM folder…I can usually tell. I think you’re safe. 😉 “That’s funny right there!” :mrgreen:

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