The Good Old Days

The King of the Woods wet fly

I have been gathering some old stuff for the last number of months, anything that is old, preferably with a date on it, or at least the recognition of “being old.”

I want cool, vintage stuff. Or it doesn’t even have to be all that cool, just vintage. My intent is to post photos of classic wet flies, streamers, drys, etc., with these items. More or less to blend the time-period of the good old days with the actual vintage artifact in various set-up photos. So here goes:

The post today is a King of the Woods wet fly, dressing from Mary Orvis Marbury 1892, Favorite Flies and Their Histories, resting on a 1953 desk top calendar.

Williamsport, Pennsylvania is my home town. I remember when the phone numbers used to be four or five digits. I even remember when they still had letters in them at our family farm/cabin in Tioga County.

I hope you enjoy this different trip with classic flies and vintage stuff down memory lane. Have a great Labor Day holiday everyone!

Hmmm, I may have to make that a new category, Classic Flies and Vintage Stuff. Sounds like a plan.