President McKinley Streamer

This commemorative streamer fly is the culmination of a concept I thought of last September but after the fateful date of September 6th. I’ve had this in mind for a year, and this September I’m a day early. The President McKinley Streamer honors the 25th President of the United States, and it also comemorates the effective performance by the American Judicial system. That was back when the US court system actually worked – efficiently.

President William McKinley was serving his second elected term. In September 1901, he and his wife attended the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. On September 6th, the President and his wife had just returned from Niagara Falls and were meeting the public in a reception line. An anarchist, Leon Csolgolz, made the decision on September 4th to assassinate the President. He was unable to get close enough on September 5th to be certain of his target, but on September 6th, Czolgolz was in line to greet the President. Reaching the front of the line, his gun was concealed in a handkerchief. Czolgolz fired twice, hitting McKinley in the abdomen. Czolgolz was immediately set upon by onlookers, and according to some reports, even members of the Presidential Security Guard, but McKinley gave instructions for them to break the news gently to Ida, his wife, and secondly, to call off the mob that had set upon Czolgolz. This probably saved the attacker’s life. Temporarily.

It was initially thought that the President would recover, but McKinley died eight days later, on September 14th of complications from the wound. Crowds began gathering around the prison where Czolgolz was being held, demanding his release so they could “exact justice.” Not to worry, folks.

Czolgolz was put on trial just nine days after McKinley’s death, sentenced to death on September 26th, and executed on October 29th, 1901. The trial lasted three days. That’s how justice was done in the good old days.

President McKinley Streamer, with an antique 48-star American flag. The best I could do since there were only 45 states in 1901.

Here is the recipe:

President McKinley Streamer

Tag: Embossed silver tinsel

Ribbing: Embossed silver tinsel

Body: Black floss

Underbelly: Peacock herl and white bucktail

Underwing: Golden pheasant crest. Both the underbelly and underwing are as long as the wing

Throat: Black hackle fibers, then red hackles fibers

Wing: Two gray hackles, flanked on both sides by one blue hackle and one red hackle

Shoulders: Silver pheasant body feathers, then a golden pheasant yellow rump feather

Cheeks: Jungle cock

Head: Black

President McKinley Streamer – created by Don Bastian. The hook is a Gaelic Supreme size #1 – 10x long, 3x stout.

8 comments on “President McKinley Streamer

  1. Kelly L says:

    Don, I love it!!! The color choices, and materials…and the flag background…perfect. What a regal looking fly.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Kelly;
      Glad you like the McKinley streamer! Thanks for your critique and enjoyment of the pattern. I agree, it looks “Presidential.” That was my goal. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Bill says:

    Really nice design, DB. And, IMHO, your observations regarding the demise of the America judicial system are spot on.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Bill;
      Thanks for your comment and enjoyment of the McKinkley pattern!
      Also thanks for your agreement with my alternate message. How about it!!! I mean, for example, it’s been months since that wacko in Aurora, Colorado, murdered those poor folks in the theatre. Another case, they got the guy, there’s no “extenuating circumstances,” “no doubt of his guilt,” no need for presumed innocence before a verdict. No need to try to figure out his “motive.” He’s a freak, creep, weirdo. Why give lawyers the chance to strut their legalized jargon and fill their pockets with money on the behalf of some psycho? No need to “study” him or “”evaluate” him. He needs a three-day trial and execution like Czolgolz. The media gives this creep a platform to present his psychotic sick agenda. And fuels more like him to exceed the level of his misdeeds. Just git ‘r’ done.
      We shouldn’t even be talking about this jerk anymore. Get good news on the news.
      Another aspect of the Czolgolz case: he was an anarchist, and the feds did not want any possibility of his burial place becoming a shrine – his body was dissolved, liquified in acid. Justice. Fair. Swift. Sure.
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. HI Don,

    This is a Great Tribute to a fallen President..I love the Presentation…It’s Very Patriotic!

    Jezz!…I hope this blog isn’t going Political!!..Haha!!

    Hang’em High!!


    • Don Bastian says:

      Thank you Dave; for your comment and enjoyment of the President McKinley streamer. And no politics, other than maybe an odd mention as in this post. Politics isn’t justice it it? 🙂
      Thanks again!

  4. juarove says:

    felicidades don bastian muy buena cronica que menos que tener como recuerdo un streamer presidente felicidades muy interesante julian muñoyerro

    • Don Bastian says:

      Translated that is: “Don Bastian Congratulations very good unless you have chronic as president congratulations remember a very interesting streamer.” Julian muà ± Oyerro

      Thanks very much Julian for your compliment on the President McKinley streamer. Appreciate your comment, thank you!

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