News Flash!

First of all, two Maine Newspapers are publishing major feature articles in their outdoor sections, I believe both are set for publication this coming Sunday, September 16th.

The Portland Press Herald, with a feature article by Dierdre Fleming, and the Sun Journal, article by Max Moegenson, based in David Footer’s home region of Lewiston-Auburn, both have feature articles in the works, planned for release this Sunday. Both papers are available online, you may want to make a note to check their websites.

The event at L. L. Bean on September 21st is going to be a wonderful event. I plan to take video of David Footer personally telling the history of his pattern, the Footer Special, during this event this coming Friday, celebrating the 50th anniversary of his fly!

I tied up a fresh one last night, a size #1 – 8x long;  to be published with Dierdre’s piece in The Portland Press Herald; I dare say it is the best example of a Footer Special I have ever dressed.

The other great news I have is that the Orvis Company has accepted my original Floating Caddis Emerger as a contract pattern to be presented as a new dry fly in their 2013 Catalog, which will be mailed in January 2013. I am thankful and excited about that!

You all have a great weekend!