Traditional Soft Hackle Selection


Soft Hackle Wet Fly Selection

One of the tasks I had when I returned home I returned home from my trip was to fill an order from for my Traditional Soft Hackle Wet Fly Selection. It’s nice to have that online fly selling site to depend on for a steady supply of orders. Earlier this summer I made up new packaging for this set, along with the same packing for my Traditional Wet Fly Selection and the Married Wing Selection. Above is a photo of the Soft Hackle Wet Fly Selection and the new packaging for the set. Below is a macro photo of half the patterns:

Black Midge, Gray Hackle Yellow, and Gray Hackle Peacock, sizes are #10 and #12.

Below is the other side of the set:

The selection and more information can be viewed at:

I have personal success fishing several of these patterns as far back as when I was in high school. The 19th century anglers referred to these patterns as “hackles.” Most of the contributing writers to Mary Orvis Marbury’s Favorite Flies and Their Histories count the hackles among their standard fishing flies.