More on the Book

As I continue my rather diligent work on my book, – all day yesterday, Columbus Day, and starting at 5:30 AM this morning until about 12:30 PM, I’m still having fun! Though since I decided to number all the flies, starting at No. 292 after the last pattern in Mary Orvis Marbury’s book, besides numbers, I’m also listing them in alphabetical order. The painstaking part is that as I glean the text of Favorite Flies and Their Histories, I keep finding new unnamed patterns, and then that means I have to start wherever the aplha listing was and re-number every fly from that point all the way to the end. I’ve had to do that now a dozen or more times. Right now the count stands at 494; which means I have more than 200 additional patterns beyond the 291 originally listed in Marbury’s book. That’s exciting! I’m finding out about the origins of wet flies that I had previously associated with 20th century pattern books, which for the most part, don’t tell you anything about fly pattern origins. But don’t look for every last fly to be detailed with the history and origin, because in some cases it just isn’t there.

Going through the text, looking for something I saw previously and then didn’t record it right that second, and then going back and trying to find it, has actually yielded the additional benefit of finding more more flies, more details, and other interesting tidbits of information. Thanks for your support folks!