Footer Special Frame

This is the frame I made of 29 Footer Specials contributed by fellow fly tiers.

Eric L. Austin – Ohio; Scott Bernard – Maine; Don Bastian –Pennsylvania; Peggy Brenner – New Hampshire; Stephan Briere – Ontario; Richard L. Connors – Massachusetts; Bruce Corwin – New York; Matthew T. Crompton – Virginia; Joe Cordeiro – Massachusetts; Chris Del Plato – New Jersey; Daniel Despres – New Brunswick; Selene A. Dumaine – Maine; Heath Fecteau – Maine; Petr Haisman – Czech Republic; Eunan Hendron – Pennsylvania; Russell Haskell – New Hampshire; David Huntress – Maine; Deryn LaCombe – Connecticut; Danny L. Legere – Maine; Rick Little – New Hampshire; Dave Lomasney – Maine; Darren MacEachern – Ontario; Truman G. McMullan – Pennsylvania; Alec. M. Stansell – Massachusetts; Joel Stansbury – Kentucky; Peter Simonson – New Hampshire; Robert Vincent – Wisconsin; Bill Shuck – Maryland; Paul Tidroski – Florida.

I’ve gotta go, so I’ll add more to this post tomorrow. Thanks to all these talented tiers for their contributions!

10 comments on “Footer Special Frame

  1. Marc Fauvet says:

    Gorgeous frame Don ! I’m highly jealous of whoever will have that on their wall…

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Marc;
      The frame was presented to David Footer, artist, taxidermist, carver, a Maine icon now. He’s been a taxidermist for over 60 years. He mentored under Herb Welch of Haines Landing (Oquossoc, Maine). Welch was recognized as one of the greatest taxidermists of his day. David Footer created the Footer Special in 1962, though like Maine Warden Joseph Stickney (Supervisor, Warden’s Worry, Lady Doctor), David was not a fly tier. Footer painted the fly and then had a friend dress it for him. Thanks so much for your comment! Nice to hear from you again!
      Here is David’s website:


      • Marc Fauvet says:

        thanks for all that Don. sure seems like an interesting person and i’m sure he’ll love the frame. (who wouldn’t ! 😉 )
        hope all’s well and happy fall fishing !

      • Don Bastian says:

        Hi Marc;
        Thank you for your comment, and glad you enjoyed the info. David Footer is quite a talented and interesting man. Thanks again!

  2. brucecny says:

    Hi Don,
    Thanks for the opportunity and for including my fly. I’m honored to have participated.


  3. evaanarosia says:

    Wow. Simply beautiful! What a frame.

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