Mary Orvis Marbury – Book Fly Photos

I am really excited and I just have to share this!

Yesterday I downloaded the original photos that I have on my hard drive (also as a back-up to be safe), of the original flies from the plates of Mary Orvis Marbury’s 1892 book, Favorite Flies and Their Histories onto a CD. I was surprised that the say, more than 200, because I’m not sure how many I actually have, fit on one 720M disc. I need to revisit the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester, Vermont, at some point to complete my photography of the last seven Plates. It turns out that Plate Z is missing from the collection of 32 color plates of original flies.

Anyway, my excitement, is that I fired up my laptop, (new to me, never been used yet), loaded the CD, and am now running the slide show as I type. My desktop monitor is one of those old television-looking models, not a newer flat-screen, that given the advances of electronics every eight minutes or so, is a nice Dell, and is a wide-screen with really good resolution. The photos look far better, revealing more detail, higher clarity, better color, sharper focus, than what I have seen previously on my older “Model-A” computer screen. So my excitement, is that I’m eager to have my table visitors view these photos. The hand-written numbers in ink, and the occasional pattern notations regarding materials in pencil, are all Mary Orvis Marbury’s original hand writing. As I say, this running slide show will make a very nice attraction at my display table.

4 comments on “Mary Orvis Marbury – Book Fly Photos

  1. jimk4 says:

    After viewing those beauties for three days at your table in Marlborough, followed by another three days in Somerset, I expect that I’ll be seeing them in my sleep- and counting flies instead of sheep. Sounds like an improvement to me.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Jim;
      Thanks for your comment! Though Somerset is up in the air, just a bit at the moment. Hopefully it works out for me to be there. I think you will be counting flies…feathered ones! :mrgreen:

  2. Alec S. says:

    Sounds great Don – I will be sure to check them all out at the Bears Den Show. Hope you are feeling well! Alec

    • Don Bastian says:

      Yeah I’ll have the photos there as well…I’m still dealing with the Crohn’s, but it has finally started to regress. I’m planning to do Marlborough, and Somerset if I can get a table, that’s iffy right at present. Thanks for your comments and support!

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