High Roller – Original Streamer

Catching up on another posting from Streamers365.com – September 24th, 2012 -I was fishing in Maine back on that date, I thought I would add the High Roller to the list of my original streamer patterns posted here. This has the same history of the Grizzly Orange as far as time and origin, but it’s a couple years older, and was field-tested. I created it for fishing in Maine in the mid-1990’s, (caught fish on it), then I added it to my list when I was working on the streamers for Forgotten Flies.

Here is the Streamers365.com link to the High Roller:  http://streamers365.com/2012/09/268-high-roller/

The High Roller, a Don Bastian original streamer design. Photo by Darren MacEachern, courtesy of Streamers365.com.

The High Roller, a Don Bastian original streamer design. Photo by Darren MacEachern, courtesy of Streamers365.com.

I would like to credit Mike Boyer for the yellow throat. The original version did not possess this, but he posted my pattern on Classic Fly Tying Forum.com and added it to the pattern. I liked that myself, and added the yellow throat hackle to my Streamers365.com version of the High Roller. Thanks Mike!


High Roller

Tail:                 Barred wood duck

Butt:                Black ostrich herl

Rib:                 Fine oval gold tinsel

Body:              Medium flat gold tinsel

Belly:               Four strands of peacock herl followed by sparse yellow bucktail, both as long as the wing

Throat:            Yellow hackle fibers

Wing:              Very sparse white bucktail over which are four olive green hackles

Shoulder:        Silver pheasant body feather

Cheek:             Jungle cock

Head:              Black

This pattern was first published in Forgotten Flies in the chapter Checklist of Streamers and Bucktails. This pattern has been fished on the Roach River in Maine, and has hooked brook trout and salmon.

2 comments on “High Roller – Original Streamer

  1. Bob Vincent says:

    Hi Don,

    So glad to see you posting again.. Sure hope it means you are feeling a lot better. I’ve got to tie this one. Been working on my BADGER STUFF (see a post on the classic streamer and wet fly forum), finally completed, will be able to tie some more individual flies.

    Thanks for being back

    Bob Vincent

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Bob;
      To answer your question, I am feeling better, but not to say I’m all better. I got on the scales this morning – my weight is 160 lbs. That will surprise those who know me, I dropped nearly 40 pounds in six weeks during this ordeal. And what an ordeal it has been. Seven weeks of not even having the energy and gumption to tie flies. The worst bout of Crohn’s I’ve ever had. And I had three bad episodes back in 1999 – 2001, including major surgery in November 2000.
      Last few days, I’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ tying Carrie Stevens patterns to catch up on my Collector’s Sets orders for MyFlies.com. Anyway, thanks for your comment thank you for your encouragement. Glad you like this pattern! Take care!

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