Jungle Queen – Carrie Stevens Streamer Pattern

My final entry of my featured streamers on Streamers365.com for 2012 is a Carrie Stevens pattern, the Jungle Queen. It was posted on December 10, 2012. A year ago while tying multitudes of different Carrie Stevens patterns, I noted in the book, Carrie Stevens: Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies, 2000, by Graydon and Leslie Hilyard, that the Jungle Queen and Yellow Witch are identical in their pattern dressing, right to the orange-banded head on both flies. The authors used a pretty strict criteria to certify a pattern as a Carrie Stevens original, and there is no explanation for the different names for the same fly. Personally, I’m partial to Jungle Queen, it sounds more exotic. Here is the Streamers365.com link to the Jungle Queen: http://streamers365.com/2012/12/345-jungle-queen/

The Jungle Queen, a Carrie Steens pattern, tied by Don Bastian. Photo by Darren MacEachern, Streamers365.com.

The Jungle Queen, a Carrie Stevens pattern, tied by Don Bastian. Photo by Darren MacEachern, Streamers365.com.

Jungle Queen

Tag:          Flat silver tinsel

Tail:         Black hackle fibers

Body:      Flat silver tinsel

Throat:    Pink hackle fibers

Wing:        Two pink hackles flanked on each side by one yellow-dyed grizzly hackle

Cheek:      Jungle cock

Head:        Black with orange band (This specimen has only the black head)

To my blog followers and regular visitors, you know that I have always posted my Streamers365.com submissions as they are published on Darren’s site. My fall schedule and then my illness prevented that. So this latest “streamer blitz” was a catching up project for me. Thank you all for your support and interest!

4 comments on “Jungle Queen – Carrie Stevens Streamer Pattern

  1. Kelly L says:

    Don, this is one of my favorite patterns. You did a wonderful job on this one!!

  2. Don Bastian says:

    Hi Kelly;
    I always appreciate your comments and dedicated following my my blog! Thanks for your interest and shared enjoyment of this pattern! Thank you!

  3. Bill says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your recent “streamer blitz”, DB, and this pattern is a fitting climax.

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