The Fly Fishing Shows – Marlborough and Somerset

Here is an update for my schedule at the Fly Fishing Shows in Marlborough, Massachusetts; and Somerset, New Jersey. Due to my health issue this fall and through December, I was not even sure I would be able to attend these two shows, though I certainly wanted to. As things have turned out, my health has improved enough that I will be at the Marlborough Show all three days, from January 18 – 20.

At Somerset, due to the full schedule of tiers and filled tables, I will not be tying and demonstrating at that show until sometime after noon on Saturday. My friend Bob Mead, realistic fly tier of New York, has offered to share his half table with me from that point on. I’ll be tying next to Catskill dry fly wizard Dave Brandt. I also have my laptop and will be running a continuous slide show of the original book plate Orvis flies from Favorite Flies and Their Histories by Mary Orvis Marbury, at both shows. Please stop by, say hello, chat, and ask for a demo. I hope to have the materials to tie wet flies of course, some Carrie Stevens streamers, some BXB Extended Body Slate Drakes, and maybe even my Floating Caddis Emerger. Just to do something a little different. I wanted to get a bunch of those done but again, due to my health, I had orders for that took priority. Of course, anyone wanting to, may place a fly order at either show.

I will also be at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania show on March 2 and 3. Below is another Orvis fly from the 1893 Museum Display:

Blue Jay pattern, with American jay wings.Orvis also uses the Eurasian jay for this pattern.

Blue Jay pattern, with American blue jay wings, from 1893 Orvis Display that was presented at the Chicago Exposition. Orvis also used the Eurasian jay wing feathers for this pattern. Not the best photo, a bit blurry, but hopefully decent enough to present the pattern. The color is fairly good. This was a Lake Fly pattern. The slide show pics will be much better.