A Note From the Marlborough Show

I wanted to share one thing with my devoted readers, a real highlight for me, that happened at the Marlborough Fly Fishing Show this past weekend, and that was a visit to my table from Graydon Hilyard, author of Carrie Stevens: Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies. About four in the afternoon on Friday, I was tying and looked up to see him standing at my table. I recognized him and said, “Hello Graydon.” His reaction was one of slight surprise I suppose since he may not have thought I knew who he was. He had actually bought a number of my classic wet fly sets some years ago, back in the early years of his book’s release.

He ended up spending a good twenty-five minutes there; we talked about streamers, wet flies, various things. He also noted my Footer Special 50th Anniversary Special streamer flies, and commented that he knew David Footer, but expressed some surprise in the age of Dave’s streamer pattern.

I also got the lowdown on Graydon’s book on Herb Welch. I know he’s been working on it since almost immediately after the Carrie Stevens book was finished. No details but he indicated it’s about two years until publication. We discussed the fact that Carrie Stevens and Herb Welch both had no children, so trying to do research on people with no direct descendents presents its problems. Graydon also was interested in the fact that I described how I was trying to locate a Carrie Stevens fly that is known to exist, but for which no specimens are known to exist. The name of the pattern shall remain nameless as I continue my research. He encouraged me to keep trying and not give up.

Finally, I was very honored when Graydon stopped by about an hour later and bought one of my Footer Special Anniversary Streamers. David Footer and his wife, Annette, stopped by Saturday, and I told him Graydon had bought one of the flies. David was delighted by that news!

13 comments on “A Note From the Marlborough Show

  1. Bill says:

    That was an exceptionally cool encounter, DB. Thank you for sharing it with us. Hope you are holding up well and we’ll see you at Somerset.

  2. Tom Conigliaro says:

    Nice account, Don.
    I have a good fishing buddy Don Smith who is in his late 70s, that knew all the names you mentioned. He was a guide in Rangeley for several years, and lived there for about 10 yrs.
    I know you met him at the South Jersey Flyfishers meeting. He has related to me how gracious you were after he made a bonehead comment while you were tying. We go to Rangeley to fish the first 2 weeks in June.
    Tom Conigliaro
    West Chester,PA

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Tom;
      Thanks for your comment! That’s funny about your friend! The South Jersey Flyfisher’s gig was back about 2005…I did a double-booking with the White Clay Fly Fisher’s that year. And of course I don’t recall anyone making an off color or “bonehead” remark. Guess that’s why it’s funny! 🙂 Nice to hear from you!

  3. Brian says:

    Hey Putz Great that you’re feelin’ a lil’ better .. See ya @ Somerset !!! Brian Mac

  4. Kelly L says:

    Interesting read there Don. I hope you find the fly you are looking for. I enjoyed the story.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Thanks Kelly — there is actually another Stevens pattern that I could also start to look for, but I would gave no idea where to start on that one…it was only ever mentioned on one of Carrie’s invoices…from the 1930’s, and no where else that I’m aware of.
      Thanks for your comment! Glad you liked the short “read.”

  5. Don Mear says:

    Don, I have something you may be interested in. It’s a hand drawing from 1978 by a local character on how to tie the original Carson Lake Special based on the fly he saw years earlier. If you are interested, let me know what email to send it to.

  6. Rob Galante says:

    Hi Don,
    It was nice to finally meet you in person. I’m glad your feeling better and back to your writing as I enjoy reading your blog. See you in May in Rangeley maybe.

    Rob Galante

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Rob;
      Thanks for stopping by at the show! It was nice to meet you as well! Hopefully we’ll see each other in Maine…that would be great! Thanks for your comment!

  7. Tommy says:

    Hi Don! Awesome work with your blog! I love it! Thanks for sharing this story with us! I guess that moments like those really makes you feel happy about being at all these shows! It s so sad you don t attend to fly tying shows in eastern canada… ( I’m from Quebec City…) but someday I’ll save money to make the trip and go see you! Thanks again for your incredible work! Reading you is such a treat! You are a real source of inspiration for me! ( sorry for the bad english… ) – Tommy

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