Russian Wet Flies From Bergman’s Trout

These four patterns, tying recipes taken from Trout by Ray Bergman, were tied by my friend Michael from Russia. See also his excellently tied Black Doctor and Silver Doctor, in the archives on posts from December 2011. I asked Michael if he wanted to say anything about these patterns, and he only wished to say, “From Russia with love.” He did excellent work on these flies! Thanks for allowing me to post them here my friend!


Holberton, size #6.

The hooks are all Ken Sawada TD4 #6.





Toodle Bug

Toodle Bug

I did learn through research for my book that the Toodle Bug is a pattern originated in the Rangeley Region of Maine in the 1880’s. Again, thanks to Michael for his fine, detail-oriented and well-proportioned tying of these patterns. Great work!

10 comments on “Russian Wet Flies From Bergman’s Trout

  1. Kelly L says:

    Outstanding flies! Love them all.

  2. barryoc says:

    Cracking flies! Exceptionally tied…

  3. Dan Glover says:

    Love those very colorful flies.

  4. Brad says:

    Just gorgeous !

  5. So beautiful! Thanks again for a wonderful fly tying clinic at Great Feathers last year! -Austin Green

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