Golden Witch – Carrie Stevens Streamer Pattern

The Golden Witch is a Carrie Stevens pattern that shares its design with the Demon. The only difference between the two patterns is the shoulders; golden pheasant tippet on the Golden Witch, and Amherst pheasant on the Demon. Mrs. Stevens created a good number of patterns with grizzly hackles in the wing. The Golden Witch is one of the more well-known.

Golden Witch -

Golden Witch – Size #2 – 8x long Gaelic Supreme Martinek / Stevens Rangeley Style streamer hook. Tied and photographed by Don Bastian.

Golden Witch

Tag: Flat silver tinsel

Ribbing: Flat silver tinsel

Body: Orange floss

Underbelly: White bucktail

Underwing: Four to six strands of peacock herl

Throat: Grizzly hackle fibers

Wing: Four natural grizzly hackles

Shoulders: Golden pheasant tippet

Cheeks: Jungle cock

Head: Black with an orange band

I added the separate component listing for the underwing; this is because if tying in Rangeley / Stevens style, as opposed to Eastern style, the underwing should be attached before tying in the throat, and directly above the mounting position for the bucktail underbelly. Carrie Stevens applied the throats on her patterns in layers, as streamer guru Mike Martinek describes a process of “shingling.” This Golden Witch specimen has five or six layers of hackle fibers; small bunches of grizzly hackle fibers that start about 1/4 inch behind the head.

The Golden Witch, White Ghost, Demon, and Red Devil are available in a Collector’s Edition Set:

4 comments on “Golden Witch – Carrie Stevens Streamer Pattern

  1. Tom Clark says:

    any interest in buying a golden witch tied by carrie stevens ?

    from marty keane”s collection

    Tom Clark

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