Victory – Carrie Stevens Streamer Pattern

Rounding out the quartet of patriotic streamer patterns created by Carrie Stevens during World War II is the Victory. The other three patterns are the America, Casablanca, and General MacArthur. All four have heads banded in red, white, and blue. The Victory is the only pattern among the four with a floss body, the other three have tinsel bodies. These patterns exemplify Carrie Stevens’s business acumen and entrepreneurial talent. Besides creating fly patterns that fed the egos of many of her husband’s guiding clientele, she created patterns that caught fish too. By the mid-1930’s, 49 percent of the patterns recorded in the Upper Dam House record book – which required a weight of at least three pounds for entry, were Stevens streamer flies.

Victory - size

Victory – size #2 – 8x long Gaelic Supreme Martinek / Stevens Rangeley Style streamer hook. Tied and photographed by Don Bastian.


Tag: Flat silver tinsel

Tail: Red hackle fibers

Ribbing: Flat silver tinsel

Body: Red floss

Underbelly: White bucktail

Throat: Red hackle fibers

Wing: Two light blue hackles flanked on each side by one gray hackle

Cheeks: Jungle cock

Head: Three equal bands of red, white, and blue thread

To view or purchase Don Bastian’s Collector’s Edition Set of Carrie Stevens Patriotic patterns visit:

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