The View While Tying Flies

Just now as I was sitting at my fly tying table, adding another coat of head cement to eight Carrie Stevens streamer patterns, peripheral vision movement to my left through the large picture window in my family room caught my eye. A deer was walking right down my driveway. This is not unusual, but I must say this was the first deer I have seen here since winter. I knew that they’ve been around because of their tracks. Then I saw a second deer in the field, just off my driveway. Both deer were good-sized, but with no fawns. Though it is still early for that, but any day now the does will start dropping their fawns. I thought I’d take a couple photos. Good thing I cleaned the outside of the window just last week – both these pictures were taken with the zoom up around 20 – 22x, through the window glass, and I rested the camera on the top edge of my high-back antique dry sink for stability.

I know, deer are common, and these photos are nothing unusual. But I thought this was a little serendipity, and I wanted to share it with my readers.Deer in the field 001

Deer in the fiels. My neighbor's house is partially visible in the background. It appears closer than it is due to the compression of the zoom lens.

Deer in the field. My neighbor’s house is partially visible in the background. It appears closer than it is due to the compression of the zoom lens.

Today is going to be a rainy day; what better day to sit, relax, and tie flies. Oh, and enjoy the scenery and wildlife, too.

It is usually important to me to listen to music while I’m tying. When the deer entered stage left, The Platters, The Very Best of CD, was playing. There are so many good songs on there: Only You,The Great Pretender, Twilight Time, Ebb Tide, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, It Isn’t Right, The Mystery of You, (You’ve Got the) Magic Touch, On My Word of Honor, Winner Take All, Heaven On Earth. Oh my gosh, Tony Williams on lead tenor does such a great job of rendering his heart and emotions in his singing. And I love the four-part backup harmony vocals. Just good music. Thirty great songs on this two-CD set. The All-Time Hits of Roy Orbison is up next, ah, more great music by a great musician and song-writer.

Another plus, the rain naturally creates the situation where I am not torn by the pressing need to finish the mowing of my lawn. This is going to be a good day…

4 comments on “The View While Tying Flies

  1. Kelly L says:

    That is cool Don. Be glad you are looking at deer, and not wild boars….lol. It is enjoyable to watch nature, as you tie. Looks like you have the perfect place for that.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Thanks for your comment Kelly, always appreciate your support and input. We do have some wild boars here in PA, probably not your big Texas hawgs, though. I guess they got established from being released years ago by various bow hunting groups for their annual festivals…at least I think that’s what happened. They are allowed to be shot on sight, as far as I know. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I agree it’s a great day for tying. I have a renewed interest in the classics. I purchased some old fly boxes that contained some intresting flies and patterns. I actually have your dvd in the player.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment, and it’s a funny coincidence that you have my DVD in your player. 🙂 I’m happy you have a renewed interest in tying the classics! On a day like today, great minds think alike, eh? Have fun tying! Thanks for your comment!

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