Carrie’s Killer – Original Rangeley Style Streamer Pattern

Last June, I conceived the idea of creating a few Rangeley style streamer patterns. The first fly was White Nose Pete: then that was followed up with the creation of Wheeler’s Ghost:

Those two patterns started me on a bent of creativity; the end result is thus far, thirty-five original streamer patterns, all themed on the Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine, and tied in traditional Carrie Stevens Rangeley streamer fly tying style. Two more additions added here today are Carrie’s Killer and Carrie’s Ghost, posted separately. I confess to heavily relying on the tying style and creativity of Carrie Stevens for inspiration in the development of these patterns; I utilize some of her components, methods, and uses of materials. For example, many of these patterns have peacock herl and / or bucktail bellies, some have golden pheasant or silver pheasant crest underwings, most have shoulders of various feathers, and some have two-color throats. These were components that Carrie Stevens used, in variety, on her patterns.

Here is Carrie’s Killer:

Carrie's Killer - original Rangeley style streamer patterns - created, tied, and photographed by Don Bastian.

Carrie’s Killer – original Rangeley style streamer pattern – created, tied, and photographed by Don Bastian. The hook is a size #1 – 8x long, Gaelic Supreme Martinek / Stevens Rangeley Style Streamer.

Carrie’s Killer

Tag: Flat silver tinsel

Ribbing: Flat silver tinsel

Body: Black floss

Underbelly: White bucktail

Underwing: Four to six strands peacock herl, then a golden pheasant crest

Throat: Yellow hackle fibers, then claret hackle fibers

Wing: Two pink hackles flanked on each side by one yellow-dyed grizzly hackle, flanked on each side by one claret hackle

Shoulders: Silver pheasant body feathers

Cheeks: Jungle cock

Head: Black

These components are listed in the order in which I attach them to the hook. Tied in Rangeley style, the throat is the last component to be attached just prior to the mounting of the wings. My listing of components differs from that presented in the Hilyard’s Carrie Stevens book. As far as mounting the wings, I once did that together, but now I place one wing at a time, the far side first, then the near wing. The tapered, flattened with tweezers or pliers to tie in better without rolling or twisting, butt ends of the wing feather tips are placed on the side of the head, at a slight downward angle. I also add a good-sized pinch of schlappen fibers, of whatever color the inside of the wing is, on the top of the head just before mounting the wing. This is an abbreviation of the technique of layered schlappen on both top and bottom of the hook developed and used by streamer guru and original Rangeley style streamer expert, Mike Martinek, Jr., of Stoneham, Massachusetts.  Mike has a great video demonstrating his technique.  Here is the link to buy his DVD:

Carrie's Killer

Carrie’s Killer – originated, tied, and photographed by Don Bastian

3 comments on “Carrie’s Killer – Original Rangeley Style Streamer Pattern

  1. Kelly L says:

    That fly is sheer beauty. You outdid yourself on this one!

  2. Peter Rodgers says:

    Don, That is a great fly. I love the color combinations. You were an inspiration, so I sat down today and created on of my own Rangeley style streamer. I was true to the Carrie Stevens construction you taught us, but that was pretty much it. Here is a photo for your review and comment.

    Tag: Gold tinsel (med.)
    Body: Yellow wool w/ Med. gold tinsel ribbing
    Underwing: Orange Buck tail with White buck tail over it.
    Throat: Yellow Schlappen
    Wing: Grizzly Hackle died green, Orange strung hen hackle, Indian Badger hackle
    Shoulder: Golden Pheasant Breast feathers
    Cheeks: Jungle cock

    The hook is a #6 7XL that is really too small for the wings, but I constructed the wings and then realized that all of the other hooks I had were too big. Man, this is tough stuff! 😉


    Peter Rodgers PO Box 227 Tafton, PA 18464

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