Musical Fly Tying

I nearly always listen to music while I am tying flies. This weekend I am continuing the work on an order of twenty-one dozen drys; four dozen each: sulfur duns and PMD duns in four styles; sizes #14, #16, #18; the boxed selections as listed on and the remaining twelve-plus dozen is all my Floating Caddis / Mayfly Emerger patterns in standard and custom sizes and colors. I just tied the first two – ever – of my Floating Caddis Emerger in size #20. With the Hi-Vis indicator, and a custom dark dun half-wing, that gives the pattern nine components – yeah – seriously – on a size #20 dry fly hook. They are turning out very well. I like the looks of these “Micro-Emergers” very much! I have every confidence that these little guys possess serious potential to give trout a sore mouth. I’ll do some photos of them before I ship the order; if I can, remember, for those of you following my posts regularly, I have been having camera trouble and can not shoot on Shutter Speed Priority. I’ll have to see what I can do on the still-working automatic setting.

Listening to the Best of the Corrs CD while tying those #20 “Micro-mergers” – there I just thought of a name for them – plus the fact I checked some information this morning in an older post I made last year, that had little to do with fly tying and a lot do do with music, combined with recent renewed interest in my 1970’s vintage Premier drum kit, has prompted this short break from tying to make this post. I did some editing on this archived post post this morning:

Perhaps if you have time and like music, you may find it interesting. Continuing on with the renewed interest in my drum set; I got them set up properly over a month ago in late July and have been playing them periodically. In the middle of this past week, I started looking on eBay for drum accessories. Amazing volume of stuff there. I thought I would add a couple cymbals to my set. With some really good prices, I could not resist. So far I have bought, used, but in very good condition, a Zildjian A 17″ Medium Thin Crash, and a Zildjian A 15″ Thin Crash. Both cymbals are nearly in new condition, one has a “flea’bite” which is a small nick in the edge, for $130. That will do diddly to negatively effect the playability of the cymbal. The retail price of these two cymbals is nearly $400. I am also “watching” a few 14 Zildjian A 14″ Fast Crash Cymbals, within the week I’ll pick up one of those too. In addition, I also found, rather unbelievably, a 1975 Premier natural birchwood finish 16″ x 16″ floor tom-tom that is a perfect match to my set. I bought that too. Paid more for it alone than I did for my entire set in 1978, $200, bought it used back then from a local drummer who needed the cash. The new floor tom-tom will replace the old Ludwig non-matching white pearl floor tom-tom I used to use.

I also am bidding on some hardware; a Ludwig floor cymbal stand and a Ludwig boom stand. Guess I’ll be needing at least two boom stands when I get this set where I want it. I already have a 16″ Zildjian Medium Thin Crash cymbal that dates from my rocking days in the ’70’s. It’s the one on the high stand to the immediate right of the set. Here’s a photo of my Premier Drum Set:

My drum set - a vintage  Premier PD6500 Powerhouse set.

My drum set – a vintage Premier PD6500 Powerhouse drum set. The hardware is not Premier; that is all Ludwig except the stand on the far right is Rogers. The ride cymbal on the left is a vintage Zildjian from the ’60’s, and I also have a 22″ vintage 1950’s -’60’s Zildjian ride cymbal that needs a stand.

I am going to have to move the entire set out from the corner of the room a bit when I add the second floor tom-tom, and the additional cymbals and stands. I am also giving serious thought to starting a band or perhaps joining a local rock band if one should need a drummer. I haven’t played in a rock band since 1979. I can also substitute a little bit as both lead and back-up singer. Playing in a band won’t curtail my fly fishing-tying circuit that much, and there is always the possibility that due to rising costs of table fees, hotels, gas, meals, and other expenses, I’ll stop eventually doing the major Fly Fishing Shows. Just a possibility, I will have to see what transpires with my band ideas.

I’m going to sell the small 14″ Ludwig Standard cymbal on the right, and then I’ll have four Zildjian crash cymbals in order, 14″, 15″, 16″ and 17″; plus the two ride cymbals and the hi-hat. Sweet! I can’t wait!

Here is a photo of my grandsons, Gabriel and Andrew, banging it up during their visit in July:

My grandson Gabriel rocks on!

My grandson Gabriel rocks on! With some help from little brother Andrew. Are they having fun or what?!

Those boys loved those drums!

I’ll soon be making custom music CD’s loaded with all types of music that In can pipe into my family room and play along anytime I want. Listening to and playing along with my favorite songs, now, that’s great fun, relaxation, stress-relief, and entertainment. In between drumming breaks I’ll be listening to music while tying flies.