Cementing Streamer Wings – Tutorial

In response to a good question on the comment thread to yesterday’s post on streamer wing cementing methods by one of my subscribers, I answered his questions with a lengthy explanation on my cementing methods. I decided to add that to the tail end of yesterday’s post. I thought the information was significant and possibly helpful enough to add it to that post. And I also included a link to an older post some of you may not have seen; it explains Carrie Stevens’ layering method of stacking or “shingling” the throat hackle fibers, as my friend Mike Martinek, Jr., calls it, and also my (and other fly tiers) method of tapering the butt ends of the feathers in the wing assembly, something that I borrowed from my early years of wet fly tying, tapering the butt ends of the wing quill with your scissors so you can make a nice, evenly tapered head.