Fly Tying Classes – Eldredge Brothers, Cape Neddick, Maine

Hi everyone! Following a very successful class in March of 2013 at Eldredge Brothers Fly Shop in Cape Neddick, Maine, that filled to capacity a couple weeks after being announced, shop manager, Jim Bernstein has invited me back again this year. Two class dates are set:

Saturday, March 15, 2014 and

Sunday March 16, 2014.

The Saturday class topic is classic wet flies and will feature the heritage patterns of 19th century Maine Lake Flies, such as the Belgrade, Rangeley, Richardson, Cupsuptic, Parmacheene Belle, etc. The class will include tying patterns on eyed hooks, which became popular in the mid-1890’s, as well as dressing a fly or two on a classic blind-eye hook using both a gut snood and a snell.

Sunday’s class will focus on classic Maine feather-wing streamers and will include traditional Eastern styles of tying, with a special feature of two Carrie Stevens streamer patterns, presenting her unique Rangeley method of streamer construction, combined with my personal adaptations (for starters, unlike Carrie Stevens, I use a vise). Full details of her methods using information from classic streamer guru, Mike Martinek, Jr., and Austin Hogan’s  notes on his deconstruction of Carrie’s flies will be included.

Here is a link to the class information on the Eldredge Brothers Fly Shop site:

For additional information feel free to contact the shop or me directly at:

5 comments on “Fly Tying Classes – Eldredge Brothers, Cape Neddick, Maine

  1. Aaron Marzec says:

    Don, sweet post. I’ve been trying to e-mail you, but everything I send gets returned to sender.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Aaron and Jeff;

      Dunno boys! I got over 40 e-mails from others in the last 24 hours. ????? And my e-mails settings are the same as they’ve been since January 2005. Thanks for your comments though…hopefully it gets resolved. 🙂

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Aaron;
      Thanks for your comment on this post, glad you liked it! From my end, I’m pleased with the double-booking, and it’s good to be able to teach at a nice venue like Eldredge Brothers. Thanks again!

  2. jeff young says:

    I have the same trouble as AaronMarzec

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