Fly Order (SPAM)

Perhaps I’m getting a little creative in an odd sort of way, by throwing the word SPAM into the title of this article. I have actually gotten quite a few laughs over the last couple years by reading the ever increasing volume of some of the SPAM that comes into Not that I spend a lot of time reading it, I don’t. It comes from everybody and their brother and their mother and their aunt and uncle and their in-laws and cousins and their lawyer and the pool boy and the plumber and brothers and sisters and where to buy shoes and drug companies and your credit score and porn sites and new windows and easy loans and online dating and Viagara and Cialis and Levitra and loan me money and best new food recipes and a host robotic cyber morons pretending to be a real person…ugh…it is actually pretty ridiculous.

This morning, after not checking here for several days, I had a new record-high for SPAM; 574 items. Course I don’t read these, I just fly through them ASAP and hit “delete, delete, delete, delete…” until they are gone into the trash bins of cyberspace. Or where ever it is that they end up…

So, getting back on topic, here are a couple pictures of a recent fly order that I shipped out, one of many that I have recently received through the site,


Flies…a mixed-bag order that went out to a single customer. Extended Body (my design) of closed-cell foam; Slate Drake duns and spinners in multiple styles, Green Drake Spinners, a few of my Floating Caddis-Mayfly Emergers, the RSP, my Low-water Inchworm, and also my own design of the Floating Inchworm. The gray wings on the Slate Drakes might look like CDC, but it’s actually plain, old poly yarn.

Macro of previous photo.

Macro of previous photo. Note the olive body on the Floating Caddis-Mayfly Emergers.

And a macro of the BXB (Bastian Extended Body) Green Drake Fan Wing pattern:

Fan Wing Coffin Fly

Fan Wing Coffin Fly. The Hook is a Tiemco 2488 light-wire, wide-gape, up-eye scud.

BXB Green Drake Coffin Fly, inspired by the Dette Coffin Fly

BXB Green Drake Coffin Fly, my original design; inspired by the Dette Coffin Fly and the Coffin Fly from Trout (1938) by Ray Bergman. Since these flies were tied, I figured out how to put three tails on these patterns, just like the real Ephemera guttulata mayflies have. I clip the hackle on the bottom so the fly floats lower in the surface film, and this also helps it ride right-side up.

An authentic original Dette Coffin fly, tied by the Dette's Fly Shop, Roscoe, New York. It is not known whether Mary Dette tied this fly or not.

An authentic original Dette Coffin fly, tied by the Dette’s Fly Shop, Roscoe, New York. It is not known whether Mary Dette tied this fly or not. This pattern is tied on a 1x long dry fly hook. This fly was a gift from a friend, fellow Pennsylvanian, Bill Havrilla. Thanks Bill!

As I slowly gain ground on my fishing fly orders, I am catching up a little bit. I shipped five orders so far this week, but I also received three new orders. Right now I still have twelve orders from stacked up, plus some other custom orders waiting to hit the vise. That’s the main reason why I have not been out fishing yet. In fact on Saturday April 12th, I was out late the night before, got awake at 3:15 AM, started thinking about stuff, never got back to sleep and got out of bed at 4:30, and by five AM I was already tying. It wasn’t until I went to the post office and drove past the Quiggleville Community Hall at 10:30 AM and noticed that I had missed the Annual Fishermen’s Breakfast. Dang. See:

It wasn’t until that moment when I drove by and realized I missed the Annual Fishermen’s Breakfast that I even remembered it was the Opening Day of Trout Season in this part of Pennsylvania. I missed out…more so on the breakfast than on the fishing. The water was high and kinda muddy, but I bet that locally grown, home-made sausage, farm-fresh eggs, and pancakes was real tasty!

10 comments on “Fly Order (SPAM)

  1. Aaron Marzec says:


    I feel your pain. I went out the other day to toss some flies at pre-spawn Sun Fish. I didn’t catch anything, but it was nice to get away from the vise. My orders have been stacking up, but on the other hand; I have been sending orders out every day for the last month. This weather has really given this dry fly guy some moo-lah.

    On another note, Michelle and I are moving back to Marquette, MI. She is unhappy in the big city of Minneapolis, and we don’t need the extra money that I’ve been bringing in because our business is doing so well.

    We also are working on putting in an offer on a house. It is 1000 sq ft. The land is what I like, though. It is 12 acres of rolling hardwoods with a stream running through the back of the property. There are three big pole barns, a garage, and a ton of apple trees on the .5 acres that is mowed.

    Well, I just received another order from Dean. I’ll talk to you later!

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Aaron!
      Ha! Pain! Not really, other than the feeling of a weight because the customers want their products. 😉 Which is fine; without customers we would only be tying for ourselves! 😉
      Good news about your possible move, I heartily agree, your move to a rural setting will be much better for both of you! Good luck on the offer to buy that place, it sounds idyllic. Having your own place though, will let you know that you also have more responsibilities! Good luck with everything, and thanks for the comment!

  2. Terry says:

    Hi Don! Enjoyed your wandering email. Spam can be bad but I must be in a backwater and don’t get many. Except for the classic middle eastern guy who only needs $500 from me to claim my “share” of his inherited fortune–who in hell would believe him??

    I like the coffin fly that looks like the body is made from a fluffed up pipe cleaner? Probably not, but how good has this one been for you?

    So, Margaret and I are off to University of Maryland for fraternity reunion. I want to see a famed fly I gave them for the chapter house on campus several years back to find out if its covered in beer slime, hah!

    Then off to a visit to Gettysburg–guided tour in our car-and home next week. We both have serious cabin fever after this difficult winter in NE.

    Have fun Don and glad you’re into so much good stuff these days.

    p.s. Don’t ever miss a good breakfast!


    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Terry;
      Fortunately I get little to no SPAM in my regular e-mail, just the blog address, and it really skyrocketed right after I posted that tying video on youtube last summer.
      The Dette Coffin Fly, which I think you meant in mentioning the fluffed-up pipe cleaner body – I have only that one sample from a friend, never tied or fished it. It would work and I’ve heard that it does, but it’s a pain to tie in that palmered white hackle, then meticulously clip it as the image shows.
      My extended body flies work great, they float like a cork, they are durable, and that are easy to tie. They all take me less than four minutes per fly. Except for the fan wing pattern, the feather selection alone adds to tying time on those.
      Your upcoming trip sounds great! Gettysburg too…I have not been there since I was about 14 years old. They have removed a lot of the “touristy” stuff that was there last I visited. Enjoy and thanks for your comment!

  3. Kelly L says:

    Donnie, I almost didn’t read your email, because it had SPAM in the message line. I was worried as I clicked it. Anyway, beautiful flies presented here. I LOVED THEM!!

    • Don Bastian says:

      Ha, ha, Kelly!
      😀 The SPAM in the title was part of my devious plan…wonder if anyone else thought as you did. 😉 Glad you liked the flies, and thanks as always, for your comments and support!

  4. Bill says:

    Everything about that Coffin Fly looks like a Mary Dette Clark tie except for the wing height; her wings on this pattern were most often considerably higher than the hackle. The hook is definitely correct and the body is right too.
    Your ties are, as always, beautiful and eminently fishable, DB. Too bad you missed the Opening Day festivities this year. Say “Hi” to Emily for me when she stops by your place.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Bill;
      Thanks for your comments! Appreciate your input on the Dette Coffin Fly. A friend did buy that for me at their shop. Just not sure who tied it.

      Glad you like the BXB designs…they really do work! 😉 I haven’t announced this yet, but I’ve been thinking of making smaller mayflies; Hendricksons, Sulfurs, Cornuutas, Cahills, the same way…size #12 and #14 flies, but on probably a #16 or even a #18 hook, like these large patterns – short-shank, extended body design. I think small-sized, extended body flies would provide significant fishing advantages, particularly in heavily fished waters, because of the more realistic, different-appearance-and-silhouette-than-the-flies-everyone-else-is-throwing, with the smaller hook, minimizing the “unnatural-looking” element of the hook. I just need time to do that…just got another order this morning, a big one, so the ground I gained on my tying this week was minimal. Gotta chain myself to my vise! 🙂 Thanks for your comments! And I will be sure to say hi to Emily!

  5. flytackle says:

    Though your post was generally good news, and your flies are, as ever, top-shelf, I was dismayed to learn you missed the home-made sausage and pancakes Don. I try and never make that mistake, which has become particularly evident this spring every time I try to buckle my belt. I think that’s why I generally stick to hip-boots! God bless, Mr. Bastian, keep up the good work! Alec

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Alec!
      Thanks for your expression of sympathy on me missing the pancakes and sausage! 😉 Glad you liked the flies and post! Have a great summer with many tight lines!

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