Gem – A New and Unknown Carrie Stevens Pattern

Two different people sent me this photo over the weekend of an unknown (as far as I know), carded  Carrie Stevens bucktail pattern. Obviously, it is her card, her handwriting, and her fly. And very interesting in that fly is is a similar design to the FRS Bucktail patterns she originated for her friend and client of her guide husband, Wallace Stevens. The client for whom the FRS bucktails were created and named was Francis Reast Smith, 1873-1950.

Here is the pic of the Gem:

Gem bucktail, created and tied by Carrie G. Stevens of Upper Dam, Maine.

Gem bucktail, created and tied by Carrie G. Stevens of Upper Dam, Maine. This hook is a variation from her standard use of the Allcock 1810 Regular Heavy Sproat turned-down eye streamer hooks that she normally used. Not sure what it is, but it is known she used some Mustad hooks similar in design to the Allcock 1810 after World War II.

By zooming in on the image, I was able to ascertain that the head is red with a black band, and there is a tag on the fly, though it is impossible to determine the color of it. Perhaps if I made another image, cropped it to the tag, and them zoomed in and maybe lightened the brightness I might be able to find that out. That’s a little detective project for later on…

This is also interesting for another reason: chenille was like, never used on any of Carrie Stevens’ other named and well-known and known, but unfamiliar patterns. On the tag, it is very likely that it is a silver tinsel, because of all her named and known patterns, give or take a hundred-plus, she used gold tinsel on only five of them. Upon close inspection, the profile of the tag seems to indicate that it is oval tinsel as well, presenting the use of another material that she did not use on the dressings of her standard Rangeley Style streamers.

Don’t forget folks, you can click on the image to enlarge it, and another click will make it even bigger Check it out!

The topping appears to be green hackle fibers. Body is yellow chenille, and the wing is white bucktail over red bucktail. I’m sticking my neck out a bit and am calling the tag oval silver tinsel, without having made the aforementioned detailed investigation.

To my regular followers…I have a major life-change event on the horizon…all good. Moving on and forward from some of the negative residual of my ill-fated second marriage which ended almost four years ago. I have been very busy with all that. At some point I will be more in control of everything and will be able to focus on more regular writing here as well. I send my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your patience and devotion.

I will be at the International Fly Tying Symposium in November, the 22nd and 23rd, in Somerset, New Jersey.

18 comments on “Gem – A New and Unknown Carrie Stevens Pattern

  1. Kelly L says:

    Donnie, I was really shocked to hear, and see a new Carrie Stevens pattern. It is a gem alright. Also very good to hear you are doing well. I hope your life continues to be happy, and very fulfilling in every way.

    • Don Bastian says:

      This is very cool, Kelly! I had to “approve” your comment because I see you have a new e-mail address. Thanks for your comment and well-wishes! Life is good, very good!

  2. Hi Don
    Could this another pattern to add to the book? You’ll never get it finished if you keep discovering more patterns!!!!
    I can’t tell from the photo what the tag material is, but in Photoshop the colour is close to the hook’s colour – even when colour separated – could copper wire have been used?
    As for your life-changing event, if it’s what I think it is, let me be the first to congratulate you from the UK 🙂


    • Don Bastian says:

      I think the tinsel tag would be very tarnished, making it appear as copper or something else. This is as I have seen on some old antique flies.
      Nothing to add to the book, since that is only Orvis patterns.
      And I’m not getting married – yet, if that’s what you’re thinking… That is not the “event.” No further details for now…but congratulations could be in order because my girlfriend and I are getting along so famously. 😉 ❤

      • flydressersguild says:

        actually I was thinking of the patter of tiny feet !!! LOL! 😉

      • Don Bastian says:

        Are you serious Darrell???!!!! I’ve had both a vasectomy – 1982- and prostate cancer surgery – 2005 – (all the plumbing is out), so if I “father a child” three Wise Men better show up! 😉 😀

      • flydressersguild says:

        actually – I was thinking of a puppy!

  3. Bill says:

    Thanks, DB, for your analysis of this previously unknown Stevens pattern. As far as your personal situation is concerned, it is comforting to know that things are all good with you. We’ve all been wondering about that …

  4. Don Bastian says:

    Darrell; Whatever made you think of a puppy? I still have Abigail, my beloved Cocker Spaniel!

    • flydressersguild says:

      doesn’t everyone love a puppy? and from my experience it usually becomes “life changing”, along with carpet changing, furniture changing, fence fixing, lawn repairing…. 😉

      • Don Bastian says:

        I know a few people who don’t like dogs, or cats for that matter, Darrell. Abigail will be 13 in January. Details on the “event” will be announced later, after they actually occur. 🙂

  5. Kelly L says:

    I love dogs, and cats. I have been training my herding dog now for 6 weeks. They are not for the faint of heart, especially if you are over 50…lol. Puppies can be fun, but exhausting. Especially if they are high exercise dogs. Donnie it is hard to believe your dog is 13 already. Time flies, that’s for sure.

    • Don Bastian says:

      It is hard to believe Abigail is nearly 13, even more so when I recall that she was a gift on my 50th birthday…yup…time flies, even when you are not having fun. 😉 Thanks for your comments!

  6. Cool fly Don; what a find!
    Here’s a quote from Joe Bates regarding Landlocks:
    “Yellow is his color, particularly for dark days or discolored water. The yellow often is combined with a little white or red; these three combinations being the most generally acceptable.”
    Fits the bill!

  7. Mike says:

    If you need any more pics of the gem don send me your email address, maybe I can help identify all of the correct materials…have a couple other interesting ones as well…

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