24th Annual International Fly Tying Symposium

By way of announcement, the International Fly Tying Symposium will take place next weekend, November 22 and 23 at Somerset, New Jersey. I will be present, tying and demonstrating. The event is at the Garden State Exhibit Center, the show hotel is the Doubletree.

I plan to tie classic wet flies, and maybe some streamers, but more likely than not, I will focus on the 20th century style wets from Ray Bergman’s “Trout,” Helen Shaw’s “Flies for Fish and Fisherman,” and other books. I will also have on hand my copy of Mary Orvis Marbury’s “Favorite Flies and Their Histories,” since my book in progress, “Favorite Fishing Flies – 1892” is being put on a fast track to a finish line to be sent to the publisher. I will concentrate on those patterns, likely focusing on some of the classic Lake Flies.

I will have updated information on my book, so please stop by and see my ongoing laptop slide show of the actual flies from the 122-year old color plates of flies that the book plate paintings were made from.

I will also have some gray mallard on hand, so if you want a demo on tying patterns such as the Professor, using one feather to make a great looking wing, whether for fishing or presentation, check this out. No more stress trying to locate prime matched pairs of gray mallard flank. 😉

I also have a new, for about three years, method to mount wet fly quill wings. Thanks to my buddy Dave Lomasney, of York, Maine. If you have not seen this, you need to.

Looking forward to being there again!

11 comments on “24th Annual International Fly Tying Symposium

  1. Hi Don, I wish I could get across the Pond – sounds like an awesome show, you’ve piqued my interest regarding the Grey Mallard wings – I’m hoping for some sort of SBS 😉

    Great news on the book – and I CANNOT wait for my copy!!! 🙂

    Just as a side note, I’m tying at iFish, the South of England’s only Fly Tying/Fly Fishing Show on the 22nd Nov. And I will be tying the Cleveland (#240 in MOM’s book) and probably confusing most of the public who won’t have a CLUE as to what they’re all about!


    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Darrell;
      The gray mallard thing is like I had posted a while back on the bronze mallard. There are a few different things you can do, but the wing is generally built in two or three stages, kind of layered. The end result is a wing with some height or profile, not the skinny, paint brush look. I think the brown mallard is under the topic, “Yellow Dun.” Good luck with tying at that iFish Show! Have a pint for me! 😉 Cheers!

  2. jimk4 says:

    Hi Don. Lots of people missed you at Danbury this past weekend. Angie and I are looking forward to seeing you and Mary at Somerset. Safe travels.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hey Jim;
      Yeah it would have been nice to get to that show, bring Mary along, and maybe visit my daughter in Granby. But the band had two great nights of playing…I made $200, had fun…we rocked and had a great time! Mary is excited about the show, and we are looking forward to seeing you and Angie. Drive safe, and see you Friday!

  3. Bill says:

    Can’t make the Symposium show, DB, and so will miss seeing you and Mary again for at least a while. Your proposed agenda sounds excellent, and I will be anxious to watch that “single feather quill slip wing” presentation at the soonest opportunity. Also, the news about the book project being back on the fast track is welcome indeed.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Bill;
      Thanks for your comment! Nice to hear from you — on that gray mallard technique, I ought to get a small batch of flies ready, all done except for wings, so that I can demo the method more frequently. I did that for one of my classes, had bodies ready so I could show the various methods, one right after another. At least, that’s a good idea in theory… 😉

      I have already canceled out of the Marlborough show, for multiple reasons, but mostly because the band has two gigs booked, the 800-mile round trip, and the questionable profit margin. However, Mary and I are definitely booked for the Somerset January Show… and we will be there!

      Thanks again, Bill!

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