Stanley Williams – Streamer Tier

Not long ago I made the online acquaintance of a young man from West Enfield, Maine, by the name of Stanley Williams. He ties a very nice replica, what I have seen so far, of Carrie Stevens streamer patterns. I thought I would share one of his flies here, the reason being that I think it is really great that a young fellow like Stanley has found the passion to continue the tradition of tying her patterns, and from what I have learned thus far, he is making every effort to do so in the true and correct historic fashion. I know he mentioned to me in an e-mail that he went to the former home of Carrie and Wallace Stevens in Upper Dam, Maine, set up an impromptu fly tying station in the form of two saw horses, and tied a Gray Ghost streamer in the back yard. That was a pretty cool thing to do.

Here are some images Stanley sent me of his rendition of Carrie Stevens’ Blue Devil.

Blue Devil tied by Stanley Williams.

Blue Devil tied by Stanley Williams.

Blue Devil tied by Stanley Williams.

Blue Devil tied by Stanley Williams.

Blue Devil tied by Stanley Williams.

Blue Devil tied by Stanley Williams. Note the elongated head shape, which was the preference and style of head finished on original streamers dressed by Carrie Stevens.

Blue Devil tied by Stanley Williams.

Blue Devil tied by Stanley Williams. Note also: the wing angle – the jungle cock cheek and center line of the stems of the shoulder and wing is slightly above the horizontal line of the hook shank. The length of the bucktail and herl underbelly is equally as long as the wing. These are proportion and material placement details of Carrie Stevens’s original Rangeley Style of streamer tying that some tiers overlook. Stanley has ’em down. 😉

Top view of Blue Devil tied by Stanley Williams - showing near-perfect alignment of the wing assembly.

Top view of Blue Devil tied by Stanley Williams – showing near-perfect alignment of the wing assembly.

Very nice Stanley! Keep up the good work!

PS: If memory serves, my blog articles may have had something to do with Stanley’s “conversion” to my preference to band the heads of the Carrie Stevens streamer patterns. While I know she stated the band was her signature of sorts, I believe the band color is moreover a part of the pattern design. Plus this significant fact: When Wendell Folkins bought her business in 1953, she insisted that he continue to include the banded heads and colors she created when tying her patterns, no doubt as a way to continue the “recognition” and signature of her original streamer patterns. Carrie Stevens also tied other popular patterns such as the Black Ghost, Colonel Fuller, Supervisor, and in some cases, she added a slight variation to the materials, and certainly in the tying style.

12 comments on “Stanley Williams – Streamer Tier

  1. Hi Don

    It’s great to see that “younger” tyers are keeping these patterns alive rather than just knocking out woolley buggers that aren’t a stretch of any tyers skills ! 🙂

  2. Bill says:

    I agree. It is good to see that the art of replicating C. Stevens pattern will not disappear any time soon. Even before I scrolled down far enough to read Don’s comments about the alignment of the wing/shoulder/cheek components, I was struck by how well Stanley has accomplished this.

  3. Kelly L says:

    Great work Stanley! Thank you Don for pointing out the particulars on this style of tying. The attention to detail here is admirable. The end result is a winner.

  4. Lance Allaire says:

    Well done Stan!

  5. Don Bastian says:

    Thanks for your comment Lance, and Darrell, Merry Christmas to you as well! Cheers!

  6. I had wrote a comment but I guess I may not have sent it but I just wanted to thank flydressersguild, Bill, Kelly L. and of course Don for all the nice things said! I just feel truly blessed with fly tying and just hope this great ride doesn’t come to an end anytime soon because tying is so rewarding personally for me. I am glad others enjoy looking at it too!! I have just started, and to have this kind of response is unimaginable. I really have a passion for tying that few have and cannot wait to see where it takes me!

    Yes, I have learned a lot from (in no particular order) Don Bastian, Larry Leight, Ron McKusick, and Phil Butterfield. There are more but those four are the ones I can think of right now. Also two of my customers that have helped me take it to a whole new level with my materials by buying so much from me, George C., right from the beginning trusting a new fly tier (that has rejuvenated a 10-year hobby into an income) to tie his fishing flies. To Jim K., my eBay fanatic! Without him, I know I wouldn’t be writing this message this soon, maybe even never at all! So I know I may get the credit for tying but there are a lot more things that go into that fly than just an hour and half of my time and some materials!

    Thanks everyone again! If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime. I do have a facebook page that can be liked and be kept posted on new streamers I tie, Stan’s Streamers. Even friend me on facebook! I hope you all and your families have a wonderful and safe holiday season!!


  7. Thanks Lance! Keep up the great work yourself!

  8. Just another tidbit, the ruffed grouse/partridge was shot by me this year. The goat hair is from Maine as well. I really like incorporating any materials grown or natural to Maine as I can because I believe that is what Carrie did. For instance the Rangeley Favorite, has a shoulder feather of chicken (white & gray chicken breast feather) very common to get in rural areas. I also raise my own chickens and have a prize winning pair of bantam barred rocks. Which the male give awesome streamer hackle for smaller streamers and I have a large barred rock that I use for my larger streamers. Therefore streamers like Shang’s Favorite have two huge components of fly (the wing and underbelly) that are grown/raised in Maine. As I get more time and experience I will be incorporating more materials in my Carrie Stevens patterns, grown/raised in Maine to give that extra something that a lot of fly tiers just can’t offer. I am fortunate that I live in the same state as Carrie so that I have the option to do this.

  9. Bill says:

    Stanley ~ Just don’t run a-fowl of Northwoods Law in your collection efforts ;=)

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