The Liar’s Bench at The Angler’s Nook, Shushan, New York

“The Liar’s Bench” post was written almost two years ago, and it is still continuing to grow. In the last two days, I received two lengthy and well-written e-mails from a man in New Jersey named George Nimmo. Mr. Nimmo fished this area for years, and he has proven at once to be an excellent writer, moreover he is a valuable and bountiful source of additional, detailed information on the characters, the original fly shop owned by Ralph Entwhistle, and the history of The Angler’s Nook – a combination fly shop / campground / hangout / diner.

One of the most interesting bits of information on this whole story comes from Kevin Laughton, who lives in Australia and, through this blog article, discovered this topic. An Australian connection? Amazing but true. Mr. Laughton and others took several hundred US soldiers on active duty in Viet Nam fishing in Australia on R&R in 1970. One of the fellows Kevin hosted was none other than Richard Entwhistle, the son of The Angler’s Nook original owner, Ralph Entwhistle.

With a few more e-mails that I’ve saved, Mr. Nimmo’s expansive information, and a photo of Richard Entwhistle in Kevin Laughton’s kitchen in 1970 in Australia with some nice trout…yes, this will one day be a largely expanded article on The Angler’s Nook and The Liar’s Bench.

Please make sure you read through the entire list of comments. It is well worth it.

Don Bastian Wet Flies

I received a fly order through from a customer in Delaware last month. Our back-and-forth e-mail correspondence eventually turned his initial dozen-and-a-half order for my Floating Caddis / Mayfly Emerger into a very nice order, as he kept adding more patterns until his order reached ten dozen, including some sulfur Comparaduns and Thorax Duns, and a few dozen of a pattern by Jim Slattery, originator of the Stimulator, called the Triple Threat Caddis. Here’s a link to Fly Angler’s On Line (FAOL) with that pattern:

The TTC, as I call it, while I’ve never fished it, looks like a great pattern. I’m definitely going to tie some up for my personal fly box. And I had fun tying it. I did them for my customer in tan with orange thread as the FAOL article suggests, a ginger-brown version, and olive. Anyway, to The Liar’s Bench at the Angler’s…

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5 comments on “The Liar’s Bench at The Angler’s Nook, Shushan, New York

  1. Rich Norman says:


    Can’t find George Nimmo’s letter? Been years since I have seen or talked with him! Don’t know if he follows the blog, but wondering if he remembers “Gooth Quills”? Not a spelling error by the way! 😉
    George if you’re reading this, hope you are doing well! Good to know you are on the topside of the turf!


    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Rich;

      Nice to hear from you again!

      I do have both of George’s letters, but was reserving them and the photo of Rick Entwhistle for the second installment of this topic. Plus I wanted his permission to publish it.
      I have been dealing with some house issues related to the cold weather…mostly an oil burner problem…

      I can give you George’s e-mail address…when I get back to home #2. It’s a long story… 😉 Later today or tomorrow. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you!

      Thanks for your comment!

      • Rich Norman says:

        Would love to hear from George, it has been a long time. Looking for a photo I have someplace of me tying flies in the Angler’s Nook. We used to have a pasteboard hanging over us that said Battenkill Angler’s Nook Fly Tying Machines. I would guess George and I tied 5000 dozen flies year there, and customers were always asking why we didn’t get a machine to do that!;-)

  2. Ed Vanover says:

    Hope to be able to meet with you again when you’re at Grand River Outfitters in Fergus. We’ve met a few times in the past, here and there, and I know we have (and had) mutual friends. I’m currently spending much of my time in Guelph, just south of Fergus about 15 mins. I knew George Schlotter well (his sons chased my daughters around just about the time that boys and girls became aware of each other and we were both somewhat vigilant when our wives weren’t) and I’d be happy to try and chat with you. Not sure I’m taking either of the tying classes (First Cast is less about 1/2 mile from me here.), since I’d much prefer to see Canadians get the privilege. I spent 40 years around the Dettes, Darbees, Poul Jorgensen, and a host of others and got much of my hands on through them and others- including George. Then there’s Bob Mead, Dave Brandt, Dick Talleur, ‘Little’ Bill Dorato (as opposed to ‘Big’ Bill Donato- what a pair THOSE two were!), and not a few others.. What a privilge it was to know them all, especially those long and more recently, gone.
    Am currently trying to ‘fit in’ with the people up here, including Rob Heal and John Hoffmann, among others. If Ican’t be around during your class, hopefully can get together with you all over a brew or two after the class.

  3. Andrew Hlavac says:

    Bill Dorato… Would he be the creator of the “Dorato” Hare’s ear dry fly??? Must be him…
    I remember fishing that fly and kicking butt on it while camping at the covered bridge camp site on the Beaverkill in the 70’s… Camping trips sponsored by my high school history teacher Mr. Roger George. Did you ever get to know him? Fly fisherman, Fly tier, and man of very high caliber… who thought to start a high school fly tying and fishing club and taught myself, a bunch of other kids, and Jim Slattery (close friend of mine to this day) how to tie and fly fish.

    Over the years I’ve taken so many trout on the Dorato Hares ear it is rediculous!!!

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