A Weekend With Carrie Stevens

Been gone too long, sorry about that, lots of reasons, none bad. 😉 No time to even explain, not that it would be necessary. 🙂

Here is my next professional engagement; I am one of seven featured fly tiers at a special event being held at the Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum in Oquossoc, Maine. The dates are June 26, 27, 28. Here is the facebook page link for those of you on facebook:


And here is the link to their website / events page:


Check this out! The other tiers are Leslie Hilyard, co-author of “Carrie Stevens: Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies;” Peggy Brenner, Selene Dumaine, Sam Kenney, Peter Simonson, Chris Del Plato, and Ted Patlen. Graydon Hilyard will also be present. Lots of cool stuff scheduled for the weekend. Leslie Hilyard will be deconstructing an original Carrie Stevens streamer, and there is going to be a raffle for a Carrie Stevens original streamer, and much more!

I have not been fishing. Don’t even have a license yet… Been busy tying flies, was behind on my orders, and still am a little bit. Playing in the band frequently. Absolutely loving that! Next Thursday, June 4th, the band has 8 gigs in 17 days, and we start with a 4-day run, playing June 4, 5, 6, 7 at local venues. Three outdoor gigs. Here’s the band website in case you want to divert your fishing interest for a few minutes.


Mary and I will be spending a couple days at Lakewood Camps before the event, and then “local” at the Pleasant Street Bed & Breakfast in Rangeley.



And to give you some eye-candy, here are two Carrie Stevens patterns tried by my Maryland friend, Bill Shuck:

Green Beauty Streeameer, tieed by Bill Shuck.

Green Beauty Streamer, tied by Bill Shuck.

Queen of the Waters, tied by Bill Shuck. This pattern is not in the Hilyard book, but is in Forgotten Flies. An original tied by her is photographed.

Queen of the Waters, tied by Bill Shuck. This pattern is not in the Hilyard book, but is in “Forgotten Flies.” An original tied by her is photographed.


22 comments on “A Weekend With Carrie Stevens

  1. Mike says:

    Hi Don,

    I just wanted to say have a great time at the Carrie Stevens weekend……… I wish I could be there. Unfortunately I am going to miss it. I’ll be out at Yellowstone with my family ( all 9 of us) for two weeks. I also wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog…….and glad to hear you’re band is doing so well and you’re caught up with your fly orders. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to visit at the Danbury Show or the Flytyer’s show the next weekend.

    Enjoy the summer,

    Mike Hiza

  2. Bill says:

    It is really good to have you back on-line, Donnie. Glad to learn that your absence was due to
    “busyness” and not anything negative. Have a great time at the Rangeley event; perhaps you can share a photo or two when you return?

  3. Efvann@aol.com says:

    Don, Is there any particular reason that you have not sent me George Schlotter’s email address? I’ve asked on a number of occasions. I’ve lost the one I had and would like to reestablish contact with George before either of us are unable to rehash the old days at Angler’s Nook…among other things. Feel free to contact him and give him my name before hand if you think it necessary. It would be greatly appreciated. (You can read my comment in your blog about ‘the Nook”.) Ed Vanover

    • Don Bastian says:

      I thought I did send that to you, Ed. Sorry you never got it. I got kind of swamped and lost track of some things. What happened was an internet issue. My e-mail provider, Chilitech, changed their equipment on St. Patrick’s Day, and this gave them a new IP address. What that did, was cause many other providers: Yahoo, Verizon, AOL, G-mail, Frontier, Epix…etc., to refuse the messages. It was gradually taken care of, but it was just less than a week ago the last one of the companies; Yahoo, Frontier, and Epix, finally got cleared up to accept e-mails from Chilitech customers.
      I have my grandsons t-ball game shortly this afternoon, but I’ll get on this when I get back. Again, I apologize. Talk soon!

    • Don Bastian says:

      Thought I did this Ed. Looking now, but not sure I have George’s e-mail address. What I have is Rich Norman’s e-mail address. He worked for George. I’ll find that and send it to you. 🙂

  4. Jan Normandale says:

    Don, glad to hear you’ve been busy “and for reasons, none bad…” I’d like to come to ME but I’m solid already for June it seems like summer is already 99.9% booked.

    best regards
    Toronto, ON

  5. lykos33 says:

    Wish i could go to that! As for reasons you haven’t been around….love will do that to ya bud…and band gigs….lol

  6. wpfurminger@gmail.com says:

    Hi Don, Nice to see you back & busy, greetings from Paul & Paul @ Niagara District Flytyers WPF

  7. Ted Andrews says:

    Good to hear from you again Don,been a long time ! I was getting the wind up…
    Did you ever get the pics of my first efforts at tying ‘Carrie’? I figured that maybe
    they were so bad that you were being diplomatic…..
    As an aside you would not believe how difficult it is to get good quality strung saddle hackles
    here in the UK! I have found a source now in the states so I’ve no excuse for not producing
    better flies!
    Best to you as ever
    Ted Andrews

  8. dazzyd says:

    Hi Don
    Have a great time – I just got through reading the Hilyard book on CS, it’s a really good read with loads of history and details, I wish I could get there to meet the authors…

  9. Hi Don, glad to see you back! I seen your reply to Ed above and that explains things very well. I also sent a request hoping for your permission to use your photo of the Parmachene Belle in my upcoming book “It’s only Ankle deep…if you go HEADFIRST! ( the fly links into a fly fishing story in the book and it would be a privelage to put the best photo forward!) Let me know if that is okay. I also wish I could get to that event in Maine!
    Thanks Rusty

  10. Don Bastian says:

    Hi Rusty!

    I did reply already, and give you permission to use the Parmacheene Belle pic, but you are a Yahoo e-mail customer. Problem on my end with my server; it was only about May 28th from St. Patrick’s Day, that FINALLY! – I can e-mail my Yahoo friends!

    I think you can download whatever pic you want from my blog… thanks for the comment! 🙂

    • Rusty Rustenburg says:

      Hi Don, Thanks very much for the permission and I will duly note your kindness. All the Best and I know the Maine weekend will be a success.
      Sincerely, Rusty

  11. Andy Brasko says:

    Well please allow me to say that you need to get out at least once and go fishing. I had this problem in 2014 when My Mom passed away I missed the entire 2014 season. Well in 2015 I am getting out, catching fish and it’s the time on the waters that makes me realize that I need to stop what I am doing once in awhile and fish. It’s a good for the soul type of medicine. I been playing a lot of Bluegrass Guitar and am wrapped up entirely with that as well and truly understand what music does to one. Jamming weekly with various bluegrass groups has been truly uplifting and satisfying. Getting back to my tying as well, but between guitar playing, practice, home, dogs and trying to lose weight via Bike Riding I don’t have enough time in the days. But I will tell you getting out fishing makes me relaxed and puts me into a mood to just want to do more of everything. So no excuses Don. Just get out and fish at least once.

  12. Doug Duvall says:

    Good to have you posting again! I can guess that your life is busy too by what you have mentioned! Bill’s streamer patterns are just amazing! I never get tired of seeing his handiwork!
    Have a great time in Maine and please report back on your blog!
    Doug Duvall

  13. Tim Didas says:


    I hope you had a great trip to Lakewood Camps. I was up from 15-19 June. Even thought the water was roaring at 4,000 cfs, we were able to fish small and catch large brook trout and salmon.


    Tim Didas

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Tim;
      I did get some fish as the water was still running at 4000 cfs, but I only fished at the dam and caught only small to decent fish. Nothing big. :-/ Nevertheless had a great trip! 🙂

  14. Björn Gorm Rödli says:

    Hi from Norway. My name is Björn, age 57, and I’ve been a fly tyer for many years. This summer I came across Carrie Stevens Streamers on the internet. This really gave my tying a new dimention. 🙂 I have found 125 of her pattern names, and 120 pattern discriptions.
    Do you know how many patterns she made, or is there anywhere I can find them?
    Best regards

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Bjorn;
      The actual number of “named” Carrie Stevens streamer patterns varies by who you ask. The two major sources that published originals and replications of her work, the books, “Forgotten Flies” and “Carrie Stevens: Maker Of Rangeley Favorite Trout and salmon Flies” both published in 2000, have a different total of the number of patterns. I personally have never undertaken the task of trying to ascertain the “actual” number. There is at least one pattern known by name, the “Lucius A. Derby” streamer, that was a conversion from the B-Pond wet fly, is known to have existed by name, but no specimens have been found. It was created in 1942, and at least 75 of these were made and distributed to members of a Masonic Lodge in Lowell, Massachusetts, as a memorial memento at Mr. Derby’s funeral.
      I believe the 120 named described patterns to which you refer are from the Carrie Stevens Poster published by The Complete Sportsman, who also published “Forgotten Flies.” You may want to get in touch with Chris Del Plato at The Streamer List. Even that list (Forgotten Flies) is missing a couple Stevens patterns that I personally am aware of…
      Thanks for your comment and interest!

      • Bjørn G. Rødli says:

        Thanks a lot Don!

        See my list of names attached.

        I’ve found this mostly on your site and on streamers365.com.

        I have seen the Carrie Stevens poster on http://www.rareandunusual.com/forgottenflies1.html, but it’€™s not possible to read the names.

        The poster is also available on ebay, but the shipping is too expensive.

        If you got any pattern that’€™s not on my list, I’™ll be more than happy if you can send it to me.

        Thanks for the tips about Chris Del Plato at The Streamer list.

        I’€™ll try to get in touch with him.

        Best regards


        Fra: Don Bastian Wet Flies [mailto:comment-reply@wordpress.com] Sendt: 30. september 2015 15:26 Til: bgrodli@getmail.no Emne: [New comment] A Weekend With Carrie Stevens

        Don Bastian commented: “Hi Bjorn; The actual number of “named” Carrie Stevens streamer patterns varies by who you ask. The two major sources that published originals and replications of her work, the books, “Forgotten Flies” and “Carrie Stevens: Maker Of Rangeley Favorite Trout “

  15. Ted Andrews says:

    Thought there had to be a server issue Don as this is the first post received since May.
    Glad you’re back on the ‘airwaves’

  16. Mark Steffens says:

    And now for the rest of the story…

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