Close Encounters of the Trout Kind

From three years ago today, but well worth sharing again. There is some good stuff here, if I may say so myself. 😉
Also in the comments, my dear departed friend, Jack Tokach, shared an amusing story about one of our personal experiences related to this topic. Enjoy again!

Don Bastian Wet Flies

This article developed into a bit of a larger piece, based on my personal years of experience and observations, as a result of my reply to a recent post on Gink and Gasoline. The article has a really long title so I’ll just post the link. I suggest you read this post before continuing here, it will help build my case.

My personal experience bears out the fact that, as long as a trout keeps feeding, he is not spooked and can be caught. That is where the challenge and appeal to keep trying comes in. Because many trout under the surface of the water cannot be seen from above, most anglers do not realize that a nymphing trout or a trout feeding off the bottom anywhere in the water column will do the exact same thing to your fly that a surface feeding trout does – which we…

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