When the Fisherman is Away

This article came up today on my Facebook page, as a memory from five years ago, in 2012. Unfortunately, our beloved Abigail passed away in November 2016, the day after Thanksgiving. She was two months shy of her 15th birthday. My wife and I had to make the difficult decision of having her put down at the vet’s office, following her decline after a stroke of some type a couple months earlier.

Don Bastian Wet Flies

There’s an old saying that I’ve heard folks say ever since I was a kid. Here it is: “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.” My version of this regarding a recent experience goes like this: “When the fisherman is away, the dog will play.” At least that’s how it sometimes goes.

I have a number of fly tying and dog stories that are mine or those of friends, stashed into a project I started three years ago. This project is the writing of  short humorous stories, accounts, and tales of various fishing and hunting experiences that I’ve had over lo, these many years. When the idea started I thought I’d have about thirty topics, but the list has swelled to nearly ninety at present. Seven chapters are finished. My plan is to publish these stories in a two or three volume set. But today, I need to write…

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One comment on “When the Fisherman is Away

  1. sharon vanstry says:

    mr bastian,

    first of all, my condolences on the loss of abigail.

    secondly, i bought some fly fishing items (there was so much! clearly the deceased was an avid fly fisherman) at an estate sale and would like to send you a picture of what may be some original pencil drawings by austin hogan. the googling his name brought me to this blog, specifically the posts from 2014. would you be interested in taking a look?

    kindest regards,
    sharon vanstry
    syracuse, ny

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