Samantha Fish – Black Cat Bone

OK, I know it’s not fly tying, but a love of good music, and I like almost all kinds, is part of what makes me who I am; fly tier, drummer, singer, audiophile, etc., etc., etc. I went with a good friend to see Samantha Fish, young girl about 29 ears old, a rockin’ very talented, blues guitarist / singer, from Kansas City, live on stage at a small venue, Bridge Street Live, in Collinsville, Connecticut, on March 20th, 2014.

Here is a video that I made of one song while at that show. I love screaming guitars, as fellow fly tier / friend, Tom Baltz, from Mt. Holly Springs, Pennsylvania is fond of saying; among all the other kinds of music I enjoy. And this gal from Kansas City, which has its own Blues Scene and great musicians, is damn good at it.

Here is her rendition of “Black Cat Bone” featuring a great intro bass guitar solo, by bassist Scott Sutherland. Samantha Fish plays electric and acoustic guitar, and also oil can guitar, and cigar box guitar. She’s made two CD’s, Runaway, and Black Wind Howling, and also toured Europe with Girls With Guitars along with Dani Wilde and Cassie Taylor. Their drummer, Go-Go Ray, is one of the best I’ve seen. He has an amazing signature act, a non-stop, drumstick stick twirling, arm-crossing, cymbal crashing routine that will amaze anyone.

My camera card expired ten seconds before the song ended. Dang. Otherwise, check this video out if you like groovin’ – jammin’ blues played by talented musicians.