Campbell’s Fancy Wet Fly

This 1/2 dozen is the Campbell’s Fancy wet fly. They were part of an order I received from a fly shop here in my home state of Pennsylvania, Fishing Creek Angler, where I’ve done business and custom tying for over ten years. Considering the small #10 hook size, I altered the dressing slightly by changing the normally used golden pheasant crest to yellow hackle fibers, and the usual wing of teal breast feathers to guinea fowl fibers. Here is the recipe for the Campbell’s Fancy:

Campbell’s Fancy

Hook: Standard Ox long wet fly hook. These are Mustad 3399.

Thread: Danville Flymaster 6+/0 #100 Black

Tail: Golden pheasant crest or yellow hackle fibers.

Hackle: Brown tied palmer. It’s always a good thing to make a few additional wraps of thread at the head of the fly.

Body: Gold tinsel

Wing: Teal flank feathers, guinea fowl was used in this variation.

Added April 12, 2012,edited June 25, 2013: This was the very first post I made when I began my blog. I did not know much about blogging then, or even better, “What’s a blog?” That was where I was. This has progressed very nicely in three years, and I am grateful to my subscribers and regular visitors for that. Thank you!