More On Synthetic Floss Material, AKA Sexi-Floss, etc.

I just did a bit of checking. Following up on my recent post, Quill-Bodied Sulphur Duns…here’s the deal with this material. We’re talking about the stretchy material that is made by DuPont. It’s kind of crinkly, and has a sheen to it. It is also very translucent. It makes excellent synthetic quill bodies for mayfly duns and spinners. It is superior to any natural quill material I know of, in that it is less expensive, comes ready-to-use with no stripping, bleaching, preparation, or dyeing. It is durable. One six-inch strand will tie abdomens on ten to twelve flies. It floats, lending added benefits to dry fly patterns.

Orvis formerly marketed it as Flexi-Floss. They discontinued it.

Spirit River still has it – marketed as Flex-Floss.

Cascade Crest still has it – marketed as Dyna-Floss.

Montana Fly Company still has it – marketed as Sexi-Floss.

Cascade Crest has the most colors, with 22.

All these companies are dealers and sell to fly shops. Bob Marriott’s Fly Shop stocks the Spirit River Flex-Floss. Chris Helm, owner of Whitetail Fly Tieing Supplies in Toledo, Ohio, stocks the Montana Fly Company Sexi-Floss in six or seven colors. That’s about all you really need, unless you want to get into the reds, pinks, purple, chartreuse, etc. Remember that you can vary the thread color of your under-bodies, and get a number of different shades of the finished bodies on your flies.

Chris took his on-line catalog off line, but you can speak directly with him when you call to order: 419-843-2106.