Martinis and Thread Wraps

I’m sitting here tying some classic Fanwing Royal Coachman drys, just started on some #8 hooks; all two dozen hooks #8, #10,#12, have the wings already mounted, so the hard part is done! This thought hit me as I set the tinsel tag on the first hook:

What is the similarity between Martinis and thread wraps to secure tags, tails, floss, ribbing?

One is not enough, three is too many!

Yup. Tie in and wrap the tag, secure with two wraps. Add the tail, secure with two wraps. Add the peacock herl for the rear of the body, and here of course you have to wrap forward to the hook point. I’ll try to get photos to post before I ship the order.

Delaware Adams

The Delaware Adams is a popular Catskill area attractor dry fly pattern created by legendary Catskill fly tier, Walt Dette, of Roscoe, New York. According to Eric Leiser’s book, The Dette’s, Walt created the Delaware Adams as a cross between two famous classic dry flies; the Adams and the Henryville Special.

I recently received a custom order for some attractor drys, and included in that order, a dozen of my original creation, a variation of the Delaware Adams, a fly I named the Delaware Adams Wulff. Along with tying and photographing the Delaware Adams Wulff, I thought I would also include the Delaware Adams.

Here is the Delaware Adams:

Delaware Adams, originated by Walt Dette, tied and photographed by Don Bastian.

Delaware Adams, frontal view from hook eye.

Here is the pattern recipe:

Delaware Adams

Listed in order in which I tie them in:

Hook: Standard dry fly

Thread: Danville Flymaster 6/0 – #60 Olive, #47 Tobacco Brown, or #31 Gray

Wings: Grizzly hen hackle tips, tied spent, Adams-style

Tail: Grizzly hackle barbs

Palmered body hackle: Grizzly, half-size of standard for normal hook size; equal to hook gape is a good built-in visual unit of measure

Body: Olive rabbit dubbing. I also apply dubbing – very sparingly- through the thorax under the hackle. This provides a soft base and prevent any hackle twisting; a George Harvey fly tying idea.

Hackle: Brown and grizzly mixed

The Delaware Adams is a good searching and attractor dry pattern. My original variation – the Delaware Adams Wulff, is (will be) posted in a separate topic. Use the search tab to locate any fly or topic of your interest here on my blog.