Orange Ibis Wet Fly, Patterned After the Famous Scarlet Ibis.

Orange Ibis Wet Fly, size #6 Dressed on Mustad vintage 3399 #6 wet fly hook. (By vintage I mean before the new Signature Series Mustad Hooks.

The Orange Ibis was inspired after the famous wet fly of the 1800’s, the Scarlet Ibis. I tied this one in June of 2010. It is an all orange wet fly, with gold tag & rib. The recipe is as follows:

Orange Ibis

Hook: Standard wet fly hook

Thread: Danville white 6/0 for body, black for head

Tag: Flat gold tinsel

Tail: Orange Duck quill sections, matched

Rib: Flat gold tinsel

Body: Danville #12 burnt orange floss

Hackle: Orange schlappen or other soft hackle fibers

Wing: Orange duck quill sections

Head: Black