Fishin’ Report

Despite the less than favorable weather patterns lately, specifically referring to a general lack of rainfall and low water conditions, I thought I would present some information that might just spark your interest enough to plan a fall fishin’ trip.

Most streams in this part of Pennsylvania are experiencing low water levels, however there are a couple exceptions. The two locations I want to point out are Big Pine Creek in Lycoming County, and Penn’s Creek. Back over Labor Day weekend, there was some heavy thunderstorm activity in the Tioga County and northwestern Lycoming County regions that sent Big Pine Creek’s flow from a little over 100 cfs to more than 1200 cfs. Since then, Pine has been running well above its median daily statistic from data of 94 years. Today, after a spike to 350cfs on October 8th, Pine is flowing (at the Cedar Run gauge) at 209 cfs.

Penn’s Creek at the Penn’s Creek USGS gauge also spiked yesterday to 150 cfs and is presently spot on for its median flow at 89 cfs, with 83 years of data. Water temperatures in both streams are in the mid-fifties.

The fishing report for Penn’s Creek has Slate Drakes hatching most days from about ten AM until 2 PM, and there is also activity of October Caddis, Blue-wing Olives, and Crane Flies. Nymphs of these species would also take fish, along with some attractor drys, terrestrials, and streamers.

Following up on my fishing trip (article posted here on October 4th) to Spring Creek on October 3rd, the lower three miles of Spring Creek also has adequate flows to permit fishing, where you’re not having to worry so much about spooking the trout. There are no Slate Drakes on Spring Creek, but there are sporadic hatches of caddis, tricos, fairly regular but spotty, around mid-day, and #18 BWO’s in late afternoon. The flow at Milesburg spiked at 260 cfs on October 7th, and has leveled off at 139 cfs, right on the median flow.

For more information contact these fly shops:

Penn’s Creek Angler – Bruce Fisher, (570) 922-1053

McConnell’s Country Store and Fly Shop – (570) 753-8241

Slate Run Tackle Shop – (570) 753-8551

There are direct website links to all three fly shops on my links listed on the right. Get out there and wet a line. I’d be going out myself this weekend, but I have plans to work at the cabin with my huntin’ buddies in preparation for deer camp. Tight lines everyone!

PS: Oh, I have to add this, the band Flipside, with whom I sat in on drums a couple weeks ago on Mustang Sally; they are playing this Sunday from 5 – 8 PM at the Trout Run Hotel. It’s an odd time, but in between “games.” I saw the keyboard player / guitarist / band leader at another bar this past Monday. We enjoyed the cheese steak special and a few beers at The Crippled Bear. We already worked it out for me to sit in again on Sunday. Ride, Sally, Ride! I’d have someone video it, but my camera is broken and I have not yet replaced it.

Penn’s Creek Angler FlyShop

Last week, I was invited by my friend and fellow fly tier from Delaware, Ohio, Eric Austin, to join him and a group of his friends to stay at a private cabin for some fishing on Penn’s Creek. I’m pleased to say that Eric is one of the contributing tiers for my book in progress, Favorite Fishing Flies – 1892. Eric and I met on-line some years ago when he bought my first DVD,Tying Classic Wet Flies. Since then we’ve been in occasional contact, but more so over the last year during his tying of the flies from Mary Orvis Marbury’s 1892 book, Favorite Flies and Their Histories. It was great to finally meet Eric in person and to fish together to boot.

We had a great time and some good fishing, but I plan to write more about that outing in a separate post. This writing is to publicize a fly shop that has been in business since 2007, but one that I was previously unaware of: Penn’s Creek Angler. Formerly located on Pennsylvania Rt. 45, the Penn’s Creek Angler Fly Shop recently moved into the village of Weikert into the old Weikert Store, right next to the Post Office. It is in a great location near one of the best, if not the best, trout streams in the state of Pennsylvania.

The web site address of Penn’s Creek Angler is:

Here is a photo of the shop:

Penn's Creek Angler Fly Shop, located in the former Weikert Store on Weikert Road.

Penn’s Creek Angler Fly Shop, located in the former Weikert Store on Weikert Road, next to the post office. Ha! The license plate on my car, “The Nymphmobile” is visible in the foreground. See:

Penn's Creek Angler sign.

Penn’s Creek Angler sign.

The phone number at Penn’s Creek Angler is: 570-922-1053.

By the way, the famous Green Drake hatch has started on Penn’s Creek. There were large numbers of duns below Weikert, near the Penn’s Creek Campground, last Saturday afternoon and evening. In fact, one of the locals told us he didn’t think he had ever seen such a heavy, concentrated hatch of duns, occurring in the mid-afternoon, heaviest activity from 2:30 to 3:30 PM. We arrived about 7:00 PM, and my personal view was the density of Green Drake duns was pretty incredible. I’d never seen that many anywhere in my life. I caught an eighteen-inch brown on my BXB Green Drake Dun pattern that evening. More about that and our fishing in another post.

Freshly hatched Green Drake dun.

Freshly hatched Green Drake dun. Photo by Don Bastian. The large Green Drake female duns can have bodies nearly an inch-and-a-half long.

Check the Penn’s Creek Angler Fly Shop website, there is lots of information there, photo galleries, and fishing information. Shop owner Bruce Fisher also has a cabin for rent; it’s located right on the creek.