Opening Day on Spring Creek Pennsylvania – Part I

I had a great “official” Opening Day on Saturday April 14, on Spring Creek in central Pennsylvania with some of my friends. I just downloaded 82 photos from the day into my computer. But having arisen this morning at 5:05 AM for the local Fisherman’s Breakfast, the 2 hour-round trip driving and a full day of fishing, the main post on the day will have to wait until tomorrow, because to tell ya’ the truth, I’m kinda beat. But I did want to post this one photo of another angler we saw today; he (or she) didn’t seem too bothered by the presence of a few less talented anglers such as ourselves. This guy obvious fishes for a living.

We had the awesome privilege of watching this osprey dive, splash, clutch, and fly off with a large sucker barely fifty yards from where we watched. Another time he flew by less that thirty feet above the stream with yet another catch. I still caught more fish than he did ;-). You don’t realize how large these majestic birds are until you see one up close.