Red Devil – Carrie Stevens Streamer Pattern

Carrie Stevens created three streamer flies in her series of  “Devil” patterns. The Blue Devil, White Devil, and Red Devil. All three have the common component of shoulders of “partridge,” meaning ruffed grouse body feathers. Each also has a two-color throat, though the written recipe in the Hilyard Carrie Stevens book for the Red Devil lists only the red hackle fibers, but blue hackle fibers in addition to the red are clearly visible on the sample pattern in the Hilyard Carrie Stevens book, tied by Leslie Hilyard.

Red Devil - size #4

Red Devil – size #4 – 8x long Gaelic Supreme Martinek / Stevens Rangeley Style streamer hook. Tied and photographed by Don Bastian.

Red Devil

Tag: Flat silver tinsel

Ribbing: Flat silver tinsel

Body: Red floss

Underbelly: White bucktail

Underwing: Four to six strands of peacock herl

Throat: Red hackle fibers, then blue hackle fibers

Wing: Two blue hackles flanked on each side by one red hackle

Shoulders: Ruffed grouse brown and white barred body feathers

Cheeks: Jungle cock

Head: Black with an orange band